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Stephanie Meyers Announces New Book In The ‘Twilight’ Series

For nearly 13 years, fans have been waiting for some kind of announcement from author Stephanie Meyers about her book Midnight Sun, the fourth book in the bestselling Twilight series. The book, a prequel, is told from the perspective of Edward Cullen, the main man/vampire.

The author took to her website to make an announcement with a countdown clock and on Monday, her website crashed because of the influx of traffic. In the statement, the writer mentioned the release date, the events planned around the book, as well as her writing process.

“I hope this announcement doesn’t seem ill-timed; I really considered delaying the release until the world was back to normal. However, 1) who knows when that will be? And 2) you guys have waited long enough. Much longer than long enough, actually.” Her statement said, referencing the long wait for the book.

The Twilight Series – Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn – follows the story of Edward Cullen , a vampire, and Bella Swan, a human teenage girl. The story of the novel apparently came to the author in a dream. The books have sold over a 100 million copies. Midnight Sun releases on 4 August.