Remembering KV Anand, A Polite Trailblazer

While his earlier works had the imprints of Sreeram, Anand broke the mould soon and treaded a singular path of his own. “He was not afraid to take risks or to make mistakes,” says cinematographer Richard Nathan who worked as an assistant to Anand in four films. “He was obsessed with staying abreast of every technological advancement in the field of image-making.

I Needed Suriya For Kaappaan. I Wanted Someone I Could Blindly Trust To Perform In A Commercial Script: KV Anand

He asked me if I believed in God, and said, ‘then, anything is possible’, recalls Anand. “I wanted a real surgeon in that scene because when a doctor watches that movie, he/she should know someone who knows how to hold the scalpel held it. ” Like Anand says, “Theriyaama thappu panradhu vera, therinju thappu pannakoodaathu. ” (It’s okay to make a mistake, unknowingly; but wrong to do so knowingly).

Arya Joins Suriya In KV Anand’s Action-Thriller

Photographs of Arya hanging out with Suriya and the cast of Suriya 37 (working title) in London has led to the speculation that the actor will be playing the antagonist in KV Anand’s action-thriller. It all started when the actor shared a photograph of himself, taken by Boman Irani, who is a part of Suriya 37, on Instagram. The caption said, “Thank you Boman Irani sir for this great pic. The photographer in you is still at his best.”

KV Anand Likely To Direct Vikram Next; Sudeep Begins Filming ‘Phailwan’

Kangana Ranaut says that she’s not making controversial statements to boost her upcoming release, Simran.  “If I am giving interviews while shooting films, people would say I am giving too much about my life; if I am doing interviews before releasing a film and expressing my opinion, people would say I am seeking attention, so what to do? How to live?

Akashdeep Saigal Signs KV Anand Film; Accuses Salman Khan Of Sabotaging His Career

Akashdeep Saigal, who played the villain in Suriya starrer Ayan, has returned to the Tamil film industry with a major role in the latest KV Anand directorial. In a recent interview, he said that he plays a sophisticated character in the new film. “In Ayan, I was all out bad — Kamalesh wanted to destroy everybody, killed ruthlessly, did drugs and the like. This is totally unlike it. He is a sophisticated character. It is a flamboyant character who has a rich background. In this film, good and bad is subjective, so I cannot say if I’m playing the villain, but the character will be extremely interesting. Either people would be disappointed or they would go ‘Wow’.”