‘Lag Jaa Gale’: The Lata Mangeshkar Song That Doesn’t Rust With Age

Sensing a possible separation, she further says that the night, which could well be their last, may not return in this lifetime – the lyrics penned by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan keeps up with the film’s tale of confusion and longing, and infuses sensuous moments between the visibly estranged couple.The most recent one for the film Meri Pyaari Bindu, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Parineeti Chopra – a film that heavily relied on retro Hindi songs.

Amitabh Bachchan Teams Up With ‘Sairat’ Director; ‘Singam 3’ To Be Remade In Hindi

Earlier, Silverscreen had reported that Dileep had been feeling unwell in jail, and that Malayalam cinema veterans Adoor Gopalakrishnan and others visited him.  Thus far, these veterans have issued no public statement of support towards the actress who was abducted and sexually assaulted.Celebrities including Akshay Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar prayed for Dilip’s speedy recovery and sent the legendary actor their wishes through social media.

AIB Comedian Tanmay Bhat’s Snapchat Videos Causes Political Outrage

Comedy troupe All India Bakchod’s (AIB) Tanmay Bhat has received strong criticism, particularly from public figures and politicians in Maharashtra, after allegedly insulting stalwarts of the nation Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar. Tanmay Bhat had used social media forums Snapchat and Instagram to post parody videos, using the ‘Face-swap’ feature to impersonate Mangeshkar and Tendulkar.

Pikchar With Rita: ‘Dastak’ and the Ominous Knock That Threatens Respectability

What distinguishes a respectable person from a less respectable person? It’s not written on anyone’s forehead, says a paan-shop owner to Hameed. Hitherto, Hameed and Salma had felt thankful to the paan-wala for procuring for them a house; and providing an opportunity for them to escape the slums they had lived in. However, this question is a response to Hameed’s accusation at him for giving them a house whose previous occupant was a courtesan named Shamshad. The dream of a ‘clean’ house and ‘clean’ neighbourhood – the home of sharif/respectable grihastha/householder family comes crashing down for the young couple when every night someone or the other knocks at their door asking for Shamshad.

Pikchar With Rita: ‘Hum Dono’ and Its Memorable Music

From this playful charge of the senses, the song introduces a stanza when the male voice reminds the female lover that if she makes a habit of leaving everything halfway, adhoori raat, adhoori baat, how would they go through different ups and downs of life?The duet manages to do what duets are meant for; keep the song an ongoing and inconclusive mode of communication, reminding us that all questions need to be answered immediately, and who gets tested and who passes these tests in the examination of life always remains to be seen.

February 2021 Recap: Top Social Media Moments

February was an eventful month to say the least, in terms of social media and internet. The month commenced with a controversy related to the farmers protest and ended with a rule being passed to regulate social media, OTT platforms and digital news. To truly ascertain what the implications of these events will be, is something we will have to wait and see.

Pikchar With Rita: The Intimacy of Estrangement in ‘Aandhi’

However, love becomes more expansive when intimacy is not about being there, but being able to cry on someone’s shoulder, of being held when long travels of life are conveyed.That Sanjeev Kumar could have pulled off the role of being a husband who takes a step back to wait and watch the unfolding of political ambition and success in his wife’s life is also particularly appropriate.

Pikchar With Rita: The Disjunct and Harmony of Spillover Notes of Songs

The song Mere khwabon mein tum is alluring even visually, with Kishore Kumar singing both on and off stage; and Meena Kumari (as Mala in the film), joining him, waltzing and dancing, and expressively looking into his eyes.The disjunct I experienced was one of trying to fit a pre-Partition voice to the modernity of another film, or creating a seamlessness between long-suffering looks and the sweetness of Mangeshkar’s voice – both of which Meena Kumari escapes in Naya Andaz.

Pikchar With Rita: Ruminations on Suffering in Hindi Film Songs and Ghazals

Duaaye do mohabbat, hamne mit kar tumko sikhlaa di na jalti shamaa mein to parvaane kahaan jaate (To the lover who has been jilted, the female voice says you need to thank me for teaching you how to love; had flames not annihilated themselves, where would the moths go?Na milta gham to barbadi ke afsaane kahaan jaate, agar duniya chaman hoti to viraane kahaan jaate (If we were not to receive unhappiness what would happen to tales of destruction, had the world been a beautiful garden what would happen to deserted lands).

Pikchar With Rita: ‘Ghar’ Manages To Show The Sheer Difficulty Of Being Normal With A Traumatised Self And Body

Evocatively the song says, ‘Jab Bhi Khayaalon Mein Tuu Aaye/Mere Badan Se Kushbuu Aaye/Mehake Badan Mein Raha Na Jaaye’, which translates as ‘Whenever you enter the thoughts, my body gives out a fragrance, and the fragrant body is hard to live with. ‘ This is intense desire in a married couple that finds hard to have a dwelling in which love-making could find its full expression.

Akshay Kumar Contributes 3 Crores To BMC For Additional Production Of Medical Equipment

On Friday, April 10, actor Akshay Kumar donated a sum of 3 crores to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for the production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), masks, rapid testing kits and more, owing to the spike in the number of patients who tested positive for COVID19. The actor had earlier donated 25 crores to the Prime Minister Cares Fund after Narendra Modi put out a tweet asking for funds to help the people of the nation.