Vinothraj PS Interview: We Knew ‘Pebbles’ Would Win Something

Madurai-based filmmaker Vinothraj PS’s debut film, Pebbles (Koozhangal), won the Tiger Competition Award at the 50th International Film Festival of Rotterdam last week, becoming the second Indian film and the first Tamil film to win the coveted honour.He would run into a film crew almost every day in Madurai, a popular shooting location for the mainstream Tamil movies. “I had butterflies in my stomach when I saw a cinematographer on a crane for the first time.

Pebbles Review: PS Vinothraj’s Film is a Marvellous Portrait of a Landscape and Its People

One of the few instances where modernity makes an appearance in PS Vinothraj’s debut film Pebbles is when a little boy stops to gaze at an aeroplane ﹣ a pale white speck in the blazing sky ﹣while running away from his furious father.Vinothraj’s film is a little bit of everything ﹣ a comedy, a road-movie, a drama about a dysfunctional family ﹣and at the same time, none of these but a collection of photographs that tell the story of a landscape.