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Actor Amanda Bynes Files Petition to End 9-Year Conservatorship

After pop singer Britney Spears finally ended her conservatorship in November last year, 35-year-old English film actor Amanda Bynes is looking to do the same thing after nine years. Currently, the actor’s mother Lynn Organ is her conservator.


Amanda Bynes was first put under the conservatorship in 2013 after she allegedly set fire to the driveway and was subsequently put on an involuntary psychiatric hold. Her mother was granted full conservatorship the following year.

Her assets, however, are not a part of the conservatorship and have been overseen by her father.

According to a report by Variety, the hearing date about the future of her conservatorship is set on March 22. Bynes had filed the petition to end it on February 23 and she also filed a capacity declaration the day before. Since she is a resident of the state of California in the United States, she is legally bound to provide updated information on her mental health.

Now after nine years, Bynes’ decision to end her conservatorship has received support from her mother. Lynn Organ’s lawyer told Variety, “This conservatorship that Lynn brought has always been intended to be temporary, and Lynn is extremely happy and thrilled and proud of Amanda and ready to terminate this conservatorship based on the hard work Amanda has done.”

The petition filed in the court showcases reports from her psychiatrist and lawyer stating that her mental condition has improved and she no longer requires protection.


Amanda Bynes started her career as a child artist in the Nickelodeon series All That. She went on to have a successful film career as she starred in hits like She’s the Man and Hairspray. However, she has been out of the spotlight for more than a decade and her last billing was the 2010 comedy film Easy A.

Earlier last year, the actor had filed a status report on her health. It will be reviewed in January 2023 but her attorney said that it will have no bearing on the conservatorship and it does not mean that it will extend till 2023.