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Actor Dileep Calls New FIR Against Him a “Mockery”; Bail Plea Posted For Hearing on Jan 14

Actor Dileep’s bail plea, in the new FIR filed against him for allegedly conspiring to kill the cops investigating him in the female actor abduction and sexual assault case, will be heard on Friday, January 14. Until then, Kerala High Court has ordered that no action be taken against the actor, according to a report by Bar and Bench.


On Tuesday, when the plea came up for hearing, Dileep’s counsel informed the court that senior advocate B Raman Pillai who was supposed to lead the case was unwell. Hence, as per the request, justice Gopinath P posted the matter for hearing on Friday.

According to the report, the actor’s counsel argued that the whole case was hatched up. He noted that even though there is no likelihood of arrest in his opinion, the bail plea was moved as it involves high profile individuals.

“This is a mockery. The trial is almost complete. The Investigating Officer(IO) is to be examined on 29th. On December 25, a person (Balachandra Kumar) comes on TV and says that 4 years and 40 days ago he had come to know that there was a connection between the first accused (in the sexual assault case and the eighth accused (Dileep)… On 29th, IO says he must not be examined as of now,” the counsel for Dileep stated.

The petitioners including Dileep’s brother and brother-in-law claimed that the registration of the FIR, that too directly by the Crime Branch, is nothing but “a vindictive and retaliatory act” of Deputy Superintendent of Police Baiju Poulose, Crime Branch.

 They added that the alleged audio clips mentioned in the FIR are a product of fabrication, doctoring and no reliance whatsoever can be placed on it. “The allegation in the FIR would show that it at the most amount to talk between certain individuals and there is no instigation, no meeting of mind or no act which can be even termed as a criminal offence”, the plea said.

“VIP”, one of the accused, could be close to a Kerala minister: Filmmaker Balachandra Kumar

A fresh probe has been launched by the Kerala police against Dileep, based on the allegations made by filmmaker Balachandra Kumar.


After appearing before the crime branch, filmmaker Balachandra Kumar on Tuesday told the reporters that he has submitted more evidence regarding the new case against actor Dileep.

“I believe one of the five accused in the case termed as “VIP” could be a close to a Kerala Minister. I don’t know the accused. Three to four people have been located. So I think it will be one of them. The accused had said that the police officials should be verbally abused in front of the minister. Only then he would get satisfaction. He is also planning to harm the officials and Pulsar Suni. I call him a VIP because he has influence among people across the fields,” he said. 

 To a question regarding allegations that his revelations could be fake, Kumar alleged that Dileep and other accused have spoken multiple times about killing the investigation officer and other policemen at many locations and  hat it is certainly ‘planned’.

“Dileep has nowhere said that it is not his voice in the audio. Besides, the voices of Dileep’s brother, brother-in-law and Kavya could also be heard in the audio clip.  So how can an ordinary someone plot all this artificially?”


To an allegation about Kumar’s association with the investigation officer, the filmmaker challenged Dileep to furnish proof or evidence for the same. He said that mental stress and technical difficulties were the reasons why he took so long to make this revelation public and noted that he will explain things in court. He further noted that there is evidence that shows how one of the witnesses, Sagar, was influenced.

“Even after I made revelations against Dileep, there was an instance where one of the producers close to Dileep had called my friend to inquire about my house and whereabouts. I have informed the police about the same. The investigation is going on.”

 “Apart from me, so far many people have seen pulsar Suni at Dileep’s house. They have said that they’d come out to reveal the same in the coming days,” he added.

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