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Ilaiyaraaja Gets High Court’s Permission to Meditate in Prasad Studios For a Day, Retrieve Belongings

Music composer Ilaiyaraaja, who was denied permission by Prasad Studios to enter their premises on Monday, has been permitted by the Madras High Court on Wednesday to meditate in the studio for a day and retrieve his belongings.


The Madras High Court has ruled that Ilaiyaraaja can stay on the premises between 9 am and 4 pm for that day. He has also been granted police security for the duration of his trip to the studio.

On Monday, the studio had said that Ilaiyaraaja would not be allowed to enter the premises if he intended to compose music there. Prior to that, the Madras High Court had asked Prasad Studios to consider Ilaiyaraaja’s request to let him meditate within the studio premises for a day on humanitarian grounds.

The feud between the music composer and Prasad Studios began in September 2019 after Sai Prasad, grandson of founder LV Prasad, gained control over the studios.

Earlier this month, Ilaiyaraaja had moved the High Court to stop the owners from interfering with his use of a recording theatre on the studio premises, where he has been composing music for the past four decades. Ilaiyaraaja had also sought Rs 50 lakh as relief for the mental agony caused to him due to the forcible eviction.

Ilaiyaraaja claimed that his personal space within the recording theatre was “broken open by Prasad’s men…who unlawfully and illegally removed [his] belongings…without even giving him an opportunity to take them on his own while [still having]…the key to his chambers”.


This is not the first time that Ilaiyaraaja has complained against the studio. Earlier, in July 2020, the music composer had filed a complaint against Sai Prasad for “tampering with his musical instruments, notes and valuables” and for threatening to cut the electricity, water, and other supplies. The complaint also said that Sai Prasad had forcibly entered the theatre with henchmen and threatened him for using the premises.

The date on which Ilaiyaraaja will be allowed into the studio and take his belongings is yet to be decided.