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Malayalam Actor Remya Suresh Files Complaint Against Morphed Pornographic Video

Photo Source: Remya Suresh's Facebook Page

Actor Remya Suresh, who was last seen in the Malayalam film Nizhal, has filed a complaint with Alappuzha Police against the alleged morphing of her images in a pornographic video. The actor revealed this on her social media page on Tuesday.

Her post read, “I am Remya Suresh. I have nothing to do with the video that is being circulated. Legal action has been taken in relation to that. Please don’t spread it.”

In the accompanying video statement, the actor said that she got to know about the morphed video through one of her friends.

“I was shocked to see that video. They had taken a couple of pictures from my social media page and it had another girl’s image as well. Surprisingly, her facial features match mine. I immediately alerted the nearest police station, who then directed me to the Alappuzha Superintendent of Police office,” she said. “The police officers were very supportive and assured they would help me. They also retrieved the details of the person who shared it (the video) on social media,” she added.

“Though I was confident and brave when I returned home from the police station, I broke down after reading the messages that I received on my Facebook page,” she said, adding that a lot of people had reached out to her after watching the video.

Remya said that she has been able to face this issue because of her supportive family. She also noted that many innocent women who have gone through such ordeals before have lost their lives.

“I am not a person who will do anything to get a chance in cinema.  The opportunities I have got so far are only through my ability. I have reached where I am today without making any sort of compromises. So please don’t think I am like that and do not send me such messages,” she said.

“What happiness do you get by making such videos that ruin our lives? Please refrain from sharing these videos without knowing the truth. I will take up this issue legally and there are many people who support me,” she added.

Remya also said that she did not put out this video statement to prove her innocence but to inform her well-wishers about the issue.

Remya is known for her performances in films like Action Hero Biju (2016), Njan Prakashan (2018), Paapaam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte (2020) and Kuttanpillayude Sivarathri (2018).

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