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Siddharth Says His ‘Cheaters Never Prosper’ Tweet is Not Related to Samantha

Siddharth At The 'The Lion King' Trailer Launch

Siddharth, the Indian actor who primarily works in the Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi film industries, recently clarified that his tweet quoting the saying, ‘Cheaters never prosper’, was not a reference to Samantha Ruth Prabhu‘s separation from her husband Naga Chaitanya.


On October 2, the celebrity couple of actors Samantha and Chaitanya announced their separation after four years of marriage. The announcement received varied reactions from fans and celebrities across the country.

On the same day, Siddharth, in a tweet, wrote, “One of the first lessons I learnt from a teacher in school…’Cheaters never prosper’. What’s yours?”

Social media users speculated that the tweet was aimed at his former girlfriend Samantha. 

However, when Siddharth was asked about the tweet in a recent interview with NTV Telugu, he said, “I have been tweeting for 12 years now. One day, if I say that there are stray dogs barking outside my house and if people come and ask me, ‘Are you calling me a dog?’, what can I do? I am talking about actual dogs.”


Asked why he tweeted the quote specifically on that day, Siddharth retorted that he tweets every day and was never questioned about any of his other tweets. When the interviewer further probed if the tweet had anything to do with Samantha’s separation from Chaitanya, Siddharth said he only talks about his life and there is no connection to anything else. 

“If you are associating it with something that it has no connection to, that’s your problem,” he added.

He further explained that tweet was an after-effect of a conversation he had with Ajay Bhupathi, the director of his upcoming film Maha Samudram, who happened to mention that cheating was one of the themes of the film. “And that’s when I recalled what my school teacher said: cheaters never prosper. What should I do if all cheaters in the world randomly talk about me?” he added.