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‘The Suicide Squad’ actor Joel Kinnaman Files Restraining Order Against A Model For “Threatening to Publicize False Information” About Him

Joel Kinnaman, who was recently seen in James Gunn‘s The Suicide Squad, filed a restraining order against Swedish model Bella Davis, on Friday, for allegedly threatening to physically harm him and his family, and accusing him of rape.


As per Kinnaman’s complaint, the two dated for a brief period in 2018. He was granted the restraining order the same day on the grounds that Davis “appears to be obsessed with (Kinnaman) and needs to be restrained from further harassing, threatening or contacting him,” reported Variety.

Davis, had been consistently posting her allegations on Instagram since Friday as well.

Kinnaman called out Davis, whose real name is Gabriella Magnusson, in a note on Instagram, and wrote in a statement that Davis was attempting to extort money from the actor and “other things of value”.

“While it is mortifying and scary to come forward about all of this, what feels worse is enduring the escalating daily threats of physical harm to me and my loved ones and threats to go to the press with fabricated, vile rumours unless I agree to a list of demands that includes money, Hollywood connections, helping to secure a work visa, a verified Instagram page, a Wikipedia page, a photo shoot with Sports Illustrated, an additional $400,000 USD for an apartment and more,” a note from Kinnaman shared on Instagram said.

In the post, Kinnaman revealed that in 2018, Davis and he met up in New York and had consensual sex in November 2018 and again the following month. He added, “But I did not spend the night together because I had to get up early the following morning for work. The next day she texted me that she was bothered that I had not asked her to spend the night and that I did not check with her to make sure she made it home safely.”


While it is unclear when they separated, Kinnaman went on to say that in 2019 and 2020, Davis asked “to meet up” and sent “sexually explicit content”. He said that he was in a relationship at this point, so he did not respond.

After this point, Kinnaman alleged, Davis’ behaviour became “more antagonistic, threatening, and frightening over time.”

According to Kinnaman, he tried to resolve the matter on a telephonic conversation, where he claimed, Davis acknowledged that “the sex was consensual”. But Davis threatened Kinnaman to ‘tell the media’ unless her demands were met.

“I want to be VERY clear so there is no misunderstanding: I stand by all victims of sexual assault. That is not what occurred here. This was consensual sex. And now it is an attempt to extort,” Kinnaman concluded.