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Actor Armie Hammer Checks into Treatment Facility for Drug, Alcohol and Sex Issues

Armie Hammer, the Hollywood actor who is facing sexual assault allegations, checked into a treatment facility for drug, alcohol, and sex issues, a report in Vanity Fair stated.


The report stated that the Call Me By Your Name actor left the Cayman Islands, where he has been staying since the Covid-19 pandemic started, and checked into an in-patient treatment facility outside Orlando on May 31.

A social media user, Lauren, had first reported on her Instagram stories that a witness had seen Hammer along with his estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, and their two children dropping him off at the airport. In her story, she quoted a witness who said, “Elizabeth and kids dropp[ed] him off and walk[ed] in as far as allowed. A lot of hugs and seemed emotional.”

The report in Vanity Fair confirmed with their source who assured that Hammer had checked in to the facility.

A close friend of the actor told Vanity Fair, “Everyone looks at Armie thinking that he’s had some sort of privileged life—and that must mean there were no problems in his youth and everything was peachy keen. But that’s not necessarily the way things go. Just because you come from an upbringing where financial resources are plentiful doesn’t mean life isn’t without problems.”

This comes after a woman named Effie claimed that the actor had “violently raped” her in 2017 in Los Angeles.


“On April 24, 2017, Armie Hammer violently raped me for over four hours in Los Angeles, during which he repeatedly slammed my head against a wall, bruising my face. He also committed other acts of violence against me to which I did not consent. For example, he beat my feet with a crop so they would hurt with every step I took for the next week. During those four hours I tried to get away, but he wouldn’t let me. I thought that he was going to kill me,” she said in a press conference in March.

In January, Hammer was accused of sexual misconduct by several other women who shared screenshots of messages he had allegedly sent them on social media, talking about graphic sexual fantasies ranging from cannibalism to rape.

However, Hammer had denied all the allegations and the case is being investigated by the police.

After the allegations surfaced, Hammer stepped down from his role opposite Jennifer Lopez in the film Shotgun Wedding. He was also recently dropped by a number of upcoming films and TV projects, including the thriller Billion Dollar Spy, the Broadway play The Minutes, and the forthcoming Paramount Plus series The Offer.