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FREE SPEECH: Ram Guha To Stop Writing Column ‘Past And Present’ For Hindustan Times Over Censorship Concerns

Historian Ramachandra Guha will stop writing his column ‘Past and Present’ for Hindustan Times. The author took to Twitter to tell his readers that his writing will soon appear at a braver space.

That a column on the proposed Central Vista Project (for which, controversially, the Modi-led central government allocated INR 20,000 crores after the Coronavirus outbreak) has been censored, is a serious concern for watchdogs of free speech in India.

Guha also said in response to a tweet asking if HT, was a repeat offender, “The last time they changed some sentences without my consent and after I protested to the editor, he reinserted the original words online. This time the paper suppressed the column outright. Fortunately, it will appear elsewhere.”