Inam Movie Review – Galatta


The lead characters have given life to the movie. Sugandha is just awesome as Rajini. With the whole story being from her point of view and narration, it required Rajini’s character to be very strong and Sugandha has done just that. Karunas is natural and has essayed his role brilliantly, as has Ravi and all the other stars. This is a perfect comeback for Saritha, as the affectionate and highly emotional Tsunami Akka. However, the person who takes the cake is Karan. This special boy, as Nandhan, steals everybody’s hearts. The highlight is that, he has dubbed for himself in the movie, making it all the more special. Vishal’s music in the songs is good, but he just tugs at the heartstrings with the backgrounds score. The dialogues need a special mention. Some dialogues will just remain etched into our memories for ever… The reply to Nandhan’s question of whether America makes bombs – “Ella naadum thaan gundu thayaarikkudhu…” and a few others are absolutely powerful.

Inam is a movie that will forever change the perception of the viewer towards war, human life, and the way war changes every aspect of life. Go, watch this Thirrupathi Brothers’ release, at the theatres.