Jil Jung Juk Movie Review The Hindu


I went into the theatre rooting for Jil Jung Juk. After all, it isn’t every day that you get a Tamil film that looks as rich, whose sound is so refreshing, and which, almost cockily, dispenses away with a needless heroine (thank God for that). But as Vadivelu objectifies women in Kadhalan, if Jil is great, Jung is decent, and Juk is bad, Jil Jung Juk, as it is, would exist somewhere between Jung and Juk. Vadivelu, in the same movie, explains that there’s another metric for female classification: Bippaa, biffaa, biblack, and pachak. On the evidence of Jil Jung Juk, I definitely wouldn’t be in a hurry to book tickets for Bippaa biffaa biblack pachak.