Kathakali Movie Review The Hindu


But once this silly (and very long) track is jettisoned, Kathakali turns into a fairly watchable thriller. Two things help. One, the two-hour running time. Two, the focus. After a point, Meenukutty all but vanishes, leaving Amudhan free to find the killer before he is arrested for Thamba’s murder. Pandiraj’s earlier film, Pasanga 2, was a well-intentioned mess, but he’s regained a bit of form here. At least, thislooks like a piece of cinema. It’s shot well. It moves briskly. There’s a nice “mass” touch involving a selfie. Some thought has gone in. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but we are at a stage with these star vehicles where “some thought has gone in” and “not bad” are active recommendations.