Malini 22 Palayamkottai Review – Times of India


Another let down is the climatic scene in which the heroine Malini, who has turned from docile nurse to avenging angel, tells Varun, her boyfriend-turned-betrayer that he cannot mess up her life any more. She tells him that she thought about his punishment as his mother and sister and decided it was right to do what she had to do. Nithya Menen utters this dialogue in such a manner that it turns what should have been a biting comment into a melodramatic one. They then trade a few expletives (which are sensibly not muted) that should have been punches in the gut but what they really seem like is adolescents showing off their knowledge of cuss words. Which brings us to the question how did this film, which features rape, pre-marital sex, and the F-word (even if relevant to the story) manage to get a ‘U’ certificate, when, in the same week, we have another film (Ner Ethir), dealing with adultery, that is rated ‘A’?