Manjapai Movie Review – Times of India


Apart from Raj Kiran’s performance, the film has another plus in the form of humour in it. Credit for this must go to the director. The humourous sequences don’t appear forced and seem to have been carefully formulated from observations of day-to-day proceedings. Vimal takes time to settle into the character of an IT professional. However, as the film progresses, he seems to be more at ease with the part. Lakshmi Menon does a decent job as Vimal’s love interest. But neither of their performances even comes a close second to that of Raj Kiran, who steals the limelight. The film has a couple of good numbers, scored by N R Raghunanthan. Manja Pai is a good film with a solid message but if you aren’t in the mood for gyan, then this movie might not be to your liking.