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Mundasupatti Movie Review – Moviecrow


The film is a neat comedy and full marks to the debutant maker Ram for that. It starts off promisingly. But one feels it takes time to get into the main plot. While the scenes themselves are not redundant, for a film that is essentially a comedy it does take time to warm up. For a while again in the second half there is not much happening. Now it is even  more evident as the laughs have dried up. But the climax makes up for it and is a laughathon while it lasts. The film could have definitely been crisper. The lead actors do their part well. But that extra something that would draw us to their characters is missing. A little underplay from Ramdoss in a few scenes and a more buoyant performance from the others elsewhere would have probably been the icing on the cake. All said, this is a commendable movie from a debutant filmmaker

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