Nee Enge En Anbe Movie Review – Indiaglitz

And as expected, the movie is being shot extensively in Hyderabad and has enough amounts of Telugu dialogues amongst the locals making it a challenge for the audiences to interpret it. Even though Nayan’s probably the best woman in the south to be retained in the lead, for a common woman in an agonic search for her husband the makeup is indeed too cheesy. The cast : Vaibav, pasupathi have indeed done a fair job in their part, jarring the English speaking sequences from pasupathi, they live up to their part quite well.


All said, the climax is wonderfully shot and brings about the best in all technical parts. Keeravani’s BGM through the movie is amazing, and grips the storyline with some immense and pulsating bass effects, to mention the climax with the Durga pooja. And without Vijay’s neat cinematography in capturing the darkness and thrills, this would have been a downer indeed. Finally the director who’s known to have given some good light hearted movies has indeed done the best with a remake which is sure to be enjoyed with family.