Rajathandhiram Movie Review Galatta


The treatment is new and it is a new age film. The screenplay is completely devoid of anything that is unnecessary. Will the success of Rajathandhiram open ways for more movies like this is something we have to wait and see but films like this are more welcomed by fans and critics. A neat and tight script that grips you to the edge of the seat is something you don’t get to see often.

The performance of every actor is commendable and the technical team too has done a great job. Kathir’s cinematography and Sandeep’s background score is something to be noticed and applauded.Rajathandhiram is one of the best thriller movies in the recent times. Don’t miss it.

Rajathandhiram in one line – Nothing more, Nothing less. Stay gripped to the edge of your seats for two hours.