Rajathandhiram Movie Review The Hindu


Hollywood heist movies — especially the Ocean’s series — have imposed an unrealistic convention for all movies made in this genre and one can’t help thinking that this film lacks the charisma and suavity. To be fair, though, Veera and his friends, Darbuka Siva and Ajai, play their roles of working class, small time criminals very well. But, when the characters need to appear as suave, intelligent and sophisticated criminals (despite their lower middle class backgrounds), they only come across as incredibly lucky hippies. If forced to point out the only other oddity in an otherwise engaging film, it would be the forced ‘moral’ angle of the film. Just when we thought Ajith Kumar’s Mankatha had done away with the need to reform, the filmmakers are still obsessed (this was the case with Sadhurangavettai as well) with rehabilitating the film’s ‘bad’ characters. Don’t we have examples in this country where criminals walk away free? Other than that, Rajathandhiram is a film worth its time and the ticket price.