Here Are The Top Stories Of The Week

Here are the top stories of the week! 


Appu Prabhakar, winner of the Best Cinematography Award (non-feature) for Eye Test at the 65th National Film Awards, is in the middle of a new project.  Our conversation is brief, but it is evident that for Prabhakar, working with cameras – be it for a short film, feature, advertisement or a music video – is a passion whose roots lie in still photography that he pursued after a degree in engineering.

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Forty-eight days. Seven Fridays. And a loss of nearly Rs 300 crores. The Tamil cinema strike was called off and came a new set of rules. The status quo can change in six months. Silverscreen breaks down the economics of the new system.

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‘When I play roles that are different, I experience a guilty pleasure. I temporarily be these interesting people, and then run back to being Pallavi’: Diya actress Sai Pallavi talks about her Tamil debut and what she wants from cinema.


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Cinema and books have always had a bittersweet relationship, one can’t do without the other and they are always jostling in the creative space to get the upper hand. Was the book better than the film? The question is unavoidable.

Bearing that in mind, here’s a quick list of books that we hope gets a movie soon.

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In this unfair power game, a woman faces the stigma of getting labeled as being ‘difficult’, ‘sensitive’, ‘playing the victim card’ for saying no. She even faces the risk of getting isolated and losing out on good opportunities. So, no it’s not always up to the girl. It’s not up to the girl to monitor a man’s behaviour while she tries to survive in a culture thriving on predatory behaviour and where rewards come with acquiescence. Salute to the women who have bravely refused sexual overtures but let’s not slut-shame the women who have become victims of coercion. Blame and question the practice, not the women.