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A quick look at the top stories of the week!


Ilaiyaraaja is Dalit. And, there is no need to shy away from stating it.  The elite, upper caste establishment tried every trick in the trade to diminish him. His rise is despite the establishment and prevailing mores, not because of them. Even though he has refrained from discussing his caste – drawing the ire of Dalit activists for brahminising himself – his caste and his identity are entirely relevant to his career.

Opinion: Ilaiyaraaja Is Dalit; There’s No Need To Shy Away From Stating It

The film, City Of Ghosts, traces the journey of a bunch of men who have been working day and night from secret camps in Syria, Turkey and various parts of Europe, to bring out stories of war, oppression and destitution in the ISIS-occupied Syrian city of Raqqa, through their website, Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently.

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In an exclusive interview with Silverscreen, Corrie, whose recent video – ‘India, We Need To Talk About Plagiarism’ – went viral, talks about Asian cinema, unfamiliar territories, his love for Anurag Kashyap’s films, and Padmaavat.

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Fifty years ago, when Malayalam cinema was on the cusp of a change, cinematographer-filmmaker A Vincent made Thulabharam, a hard-hitting social drama centred around the struggles of the working class. The film, adapted from an acclaimed play written by Thoppil Bhasi and performed by the famed KPAC drama troupe, narrated the tale of a woman accused of killing her three children.


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Of the half a dozen books authored by writer Bharathinathan, ‘Thariyudan’, the novel that released in 2014 to much acclaim, is of special significance – not just because it’s being adapted for screen.

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