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Rajinikanth Steals Everyone’s Thunder & Makes A Grand Entry To 2018; Celebrities Tweet New Year Wishes


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What’s in the news

Give it to Rajinikanth who knows exactly how to herald the new year. In what felt like watching a Rajini movie, the actor, speaking to media persons on December 31 at Sri Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam, said that he will be starting his own political party, and will contest in all 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu during the next assembly elections.

Naan arasiyalukku varuvadhu urudhi [I will enter politics for sure]”, he said to resounding applause. Calling his political entry a necessity [“kaalathhin kattayam“], Rajini declared that democracy is dead in the state and that a few political events that had happened the past year in Tamil Nadu have shamed its citizens. “If I don’t enter now, I will feel guilty,” he said, “All my preparations have been done. I am not entering for the money or name.”

Meanwhile, stars took to Twitter to wish everyone a happy new year.

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