Aaaah Trailer Launch Event Report

Aaaah‘s team couldn’t have picked a better day to launch their trailer. Dark clouds rolled in out of nowhere and made everything look sinister. Add to this the absence of streetlights, and our lonely walk to the venue was quite an adventure. When we finally got to the studio, a little late and very breathless, the lights went off and everybody screamed. It was only later that we learnt this was intentional. Much later infact.


For debutante Meghna, Aaaah ticked all the boxes of a ‘good film’. The project had awesome co-stars, friendly crew and most of all, the opportunity to travel to not one, but three different countries. Actor Gokul had something more serious in mind, though. “This is my second film with directors Hari- Haresh and I’m thankful that they are showing my face as it is here.” Gokul played the role of a beast in his first film, and was unrecognizable onscreen. “My mother is very happy that I finally got a normal role. Of course, she didn’t believe me till she saw the trailer.”

Directors Hari Shankar and Haresh Narayan screamed the loudest before the trailer was launched, but once on-stage, they were quite soft-spoken. “Aaaah is universal. When someone’s frightened, they go aaaah. Things like country, language and ethnicity don’t matter. This is the story behind the title.”

Aaaah‘s shooting has been wrapped up. KTVR Creative Frames is producing the film and will release it in September this year.