Amarakaaviyam Audio Launch Report : Everybody Loves Arya

Silverscreen goes to the Amarakaaviyam audio launch 

We arrived bright and early for the audio release function of Amarakaaviyam, quite satisfied with ourselves, only to see actor Arya already inside the venue, doing last minute checks. And we spotted something rarer than an actress speaking flawless Tamil. We saw the always laidback Arya, acting..well, a little flustered. “Everything has to be perfect!” he kept repeating to the event organisers. And we kind of understood why. Amarakaaviyam is a very personal film for Arya, in more ways than one. For starters, he’s producing it under his banner, The Show People. More importantly, his brother Sathya is playing the lead role in it. So, quite naturally, everything simply HAD to be perfect. And it was. The event began on time and was not marred by any issues. Everybody invited turned up, and those that hadn’t been invited, didn’t cause any trouble. It was almost poetic, how everything smoothly fell into place.[quote align=’right’]Trisha shocked the more conservative crowd with her daring see through palazzo pants. The lady sitting next to us actually shrieked.[/quote]

A whole lot of actresses attended the event, for Jammy (as they called him). Arya’s Ullam Ketkume co star Pooja confirmed something that we’d known for a long time. “Everything they say about Arya is true. He flirts with all his co-stars. But it’s a good type of kadalai, not bad!” She also tempered this controversial statement with references to Arya’s ‘kind and caring nature’ lest anyone get the wrong impression. Actress Trisha claimed that she had ‘never’ been on the receiving end of this ‘kadalai’ and Nayanthara called Arya ‘her family’. In no mood to be left behind, the male actors and directors – they were invited too –  made fun of Arya’s popularity with the ladies and in Lingusamy’s case ; advised Sathya to follow his brother’s route and charm all the co-stars. [quote align=’left’]It was almost poetic, how everything smoothly fell into place.[/quote]


That this was an Arya show through and through cannot be denied. Comparisons were made, his love life made much of, new titles were given out and hyperboles were generously used. Suseenthiran called Arya the ‘director’s favourite’ while G Dhananjayan of UTV corrected gently : “Not only director’s! Producer’s favourite also.” Settai Director Kannan sincerely asked Sathya to put in a little work to make sure that he makes it to the gossip columns everyday. Not that Sathya was sidelined in any way. The actresses in particular were all praise for the upcoming actor. His resemblance to a young Kamal Haasan was remarked upon and his acting skills made much of (we think they said something with the word awesome in it). Sathya for his part, thanked everybody for supporting him and sagely told them that he will try to better himself as an actor. Following this, the audio was launched by Trisha and Nayanthara.

Arya’s duties weren’t over yet of course. Ever the gracious host, the actor escorted each and every one of the actresses outside to their waiting vehicles. He was the last to leave.

Lekha Washington was definitely spot on when she tweeted :

It certainly looked like everybody did.



Good to Know:

1. Everytime Arya posed with the ladies, a group of guys got up and cheered like crazy. Wolf whistles and all. As expected, this happened many times through the two hour event.

2. Arya wore black and yellow. Like the Wiz Khalifa song.

3.Pooja arrived in an ‘Incredible India’ car. We don’t know why we included this, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

4. Trisha shocked the more conservative crowd with her daring see through palazzo pants. The lady sitting next to us actually shrieked.

5.Nayanthara wore a more useful outfit. A fifties style belted dress that came with pockets. Pockets! How crazy good is that?!

6.Vishnuvardhan said Yo! And not much else.