Black and White: The Amara Kaaviyam Press Meet Report

Silverscreen goes to the Amara Kaaviyam press meet

“Why did you wear a black shirt when your brother is wearing a white one?” was the hardest question that actor Sathya had to field at the press meet of his second film, Amara Kaaviyam.


And not surprisingly, it was met with a terse “‘because I wanted to!”

While variations of the same query were posed at regular intervals, with many comparing the actor to his much-experienced older brother, Sathya took it all in stride. He was not annoyed in the slightest. A smile here and a grin there was all that he offered.

Arya, though, fielded the important questions of the day. “Why did Nayanthara cry after watching Amara Kaaviyam?” was one of the many. “The film is very emotional and moving. People will be affected by its intensity,” he answered gravely. He also took a brave stab at the question posed at his brother. “See, we share stuff all the time. I wanted to wear the black shirt; but when I was searching for it, I saw Sathya walking out of his room wearing it. So I picked up something else. Our wardrobe choices are plain and simple. Ipdilam analyze pannadheenga…avlo matter illa.

Ghibran was also clearly one of those who’d watched the film along with Nayanthara. He said he was ‘blown away’ by the tragic love story, and termed the movie a ‘masterpiece in storytelling’. And coming from the man who’s worked in three back-to-back Kamal Haasan films, that’s certainly saying something. Arya, then had a few words to say about the composer’s work in the movie. “Ghibran’s music in Amara Kaaviyam is greatness itself. In the future, people will talk about his career in two distinct parts: Before Amara Kaaviyam and after.”


The movie’s director, Jeeva Sankar was the most subdued of the lot. He spoke of his long association with Arya, or ‘Jammy’ as he called him. “I first met Jammy in 2002 while he was auditioning for Ullam Ketkume. I was Jeeva sir’s assistant then and when I saw Arya, I knew that he was the best choice for the role. You can say that I had a huge part to play in introducing Arya to the Tamil film industry.” And what began as a purely professional relationship, soon became a ‘bromance’, according to Jeeva. “Jammy is my best friend. I narrated the story to him to get some practice before I approached a producer. He listened, and immediately said he would produce it. But then, that’s who Jammy is. I’m sure you all know.”

A five-minute vote of thanks then followed, post which Jeeva and team left the venue to continue their promotional campaign for the film.

The romantic drama Amara Kaaviyam is produced by actor Arya’s The Show People and will release on September 5. Ghibran’s music has received rave reviews and is a favourite with young people all over, the film’s publicist tells us.