Audio Launch Report: Angali Pangali

Angali Pangali has a fun poster. It has Russian models (we’re assuming) dancing with a very cool looking hero, Vishnupriyan. Naturally, we were quite excited to be invited to the movie’s audio launch and fully expected to socialise with the Russian girls. When we finally got there, though, the dancers were nowhere to be seen; but we were witness to one of the rarest occurrences in the Tamil film industry. An actress who actually speaks Tamil. Flawless Tamil. Heroine Sanyathara’s diction was quite perfect, without a trace of an accent. Dressed in a black and gold salwar, the pretty actress greeted everyone with a cheery vanakkam and welcomed us like a long lost friend.  She has a strong role in the movie and has been given “great scope for performance”. “I play a typical Tamil girl in Angali Pangali and had fun experimenting with different styles of saris and other traditional attire. I have put a lot of effort into this role, so I hope it gets appreciated!” she said.


Following this, music composer Srikanth Deva got on stage to resounding applause.  An exuberant vanakkam later, he told the audience that “this was a fun project” and the important aspect about the album is that he set tunes to the lyrics and not vice versa. “I wanted to be a little more versatile in my composing and I hope that effort shows in the final product!”

As for lyricist Kattalai Jaya, he had already decided that the audience was a rather morose lot. So when he got up to speak, he did his best to elicit a few laughs (think some tried and tested jokes); and was rewarded for his attempts as well. However, he followed that up with some startling claims which proved to be a deal-breaker. “I was a ganja dealer in my previous birth!” he declared, “so, God cursed me. I was born again and grew up to be a wannabe lyricist. For years, I struggled, until the same God decided that it was time for some good things to happen. One of them is the opportunity to be a part of this movie!”


Also, much was made of producer Pushpavathy’s rags-to-riches story; a short video that was screened about her origins left many misty-eyed. And, in a generous move, she launched the audio with the help of some under-privileged children. The stars of Angali Pangali took a backseat as a battalion of kids ran up on stage and proceeded to charm us with their antics. With the audio released and vote of thanks done, we were left to wander back home, thinking about Russian girls and wasted opportunities.