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Father and Son: The Moone Moonu Varthai Audio Launch Report

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On Wednesday, the atmosphere at Luxe Cinemas was electric. It housed a lot of people in white. They were testing the microphones, taking a slew of selfies, and rehearsing what they would speak on stage.

With their smiles and infectious energy, they grabbed the attention of some movie-goers, who were quite curious about the goings-on.

It was the audio launch of Moone Moonu Varthai.

Producer SP Charan and director Madhumitha, it transpired, chose Luxe for the event as they wanted public participation.

Charan introduced the actors first: Arjun Chidambaram, Venkatesh Harinathan; and music director Karthikeya Murthy.

The excited youngsters delivered long speeches, and it was left to the producer to rein them in.

Dai! Podhum mudinga da!” Charan could be heard saying in his memorable voice.


Composer Karthikeya Murthy was subjected to some ribbing. The speakers often remarked on his striking resemblance to AR Rahman. But Karthikeya Murthy in turn made Charan squirm by saying, “Enakku kadavul nambikkai jaasthi. Charan thaan en mudhal kadavul!” Which made the producer shake his head in disbelief.

As the cast and crew continued to extol each other’s virtues, the private lift opened to reveal SP Balasubrahmanyam and his wife.

Tumultuous applause.

The excited anchor thanked him for attending the launch. But SPB was quick to brush it away. “Why are you thanking me?” he quipped, “Idhu en payyan padam ma! Of course, I will attend.”

SPB further added that he is immensely proud of Charan for producing quality films and creating opportunities for talented youngsters.

Then, the most awaited moment arrived. Karthikeya Murthy disappeared behind the grand piano at Luxe, which always bore a ‘Don’t touch this’ placard. SPB rendered the melody Vaazhum Naal, with Karthikeya on piano, and Gopal on flute.

After the mesmerizing performance, SPB said, “A lot of young music directors should come up, and give more chances to singers like me!”

And without further ado, launched the audio of Moone Moonu Vaarthai.


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