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Good Cop, Bad Cop: Katham Katham Press Meet Report


katham-katham-press-meet-photos-012 (1)Babu Thooyavan, director of Katham Katham, wore a morose look when he entered Prasad Lab. We heard him ask the host, “Thirupi trailer pottu, thirupi paatu poduveengala?” He sighed.

Directors are usually forthcoming at press meets. So, we were surprised to meet Babu Thooyavan, who was a little withdrawn. When it was his turn to talk on stage, he spoke two sentences. “It’s a commercial entertainer. Katham Katham is the story of a good cop and a bad cop.”

Here, the host had a gentle reminder. It’s almost lunch time; the audience would be hungry.

So, the cast and crew kept their speeches really short. Producer Karthik, who was a live-wire, revealed that the movie will be distributed by Thenandal Films. Cinematographer UK Senthil Kumar, clad in his regular brown chinos and a bright green shirt, declared that it was fun working with the Katham Katham team. Natty, one of the leads, then jested that the women were particularly fond of UK Senthil Kumar. “That’s because of his hairstyle, I think. I asked him to try acting. He is not giving in,” he said.

Natty plays a bad cop in katham-katham-press-meet-photos-021Katham Katham while Nandha is the good cop. “I thank actor Nandha for helping me understand another dimension of acting. He calmed me down on the sets,” said Natty.

A curious reporter had a question. Why does Nandha look angry off-screen too, he wondered aloud. “Nalla padam innum edhum kudukkalaiyengara kovam thaan,”
the actor laughed awkwardly.

Sanam Shetty then called Nandha an “intense actor.” “I learnt a lot by working with him. And the entire crew was very supportive,” she said.


Soon, producer Karthik invited editor Muthulakshmi onto the stage. It was a kind gesture, as editors barely appear at press meets and even if they do, they are not often asked to sit on the dais.

While everyone’s speech was just a couple of minutes long, editor Muthulakshmi’s was the shortest. We found that adorable, though. When forced by the host to talk about Katham Katham, Muthulakshmi reluctantly went over to the mic and said, “Ellorukkum Vanakkam. Nandri!”

And, scampered back to her seat.

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