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A Unique Show: The Kaaviya Thalaivan Press Meet Report


b1cf0oaiaaeusqv.jpgSilverscreen attends the Kaaviya Thalaivan Press Meet

Rarely do we get to see Tamil film personalities ‘just chilling’ outside Prasad Lab. Usually, we only see them in the confines of the lab hall – which has played host to many a cinema event. But today, as we desperately searched the parking lot for that elusive spot, our eyes landed on Kaaviya Thalaivan’s director instead.
Vasanthabalan looked quite comfortable, perched on an old bike. He seemed to be in the middle of an intense discussion with producer Sashikanth. Though curious, we reluctantly walked away to wait for them in the garden. In rickety old plastic chairs that creaked dangerously whenever we moved.


So, on a muggy Tuesday afternoon, Vasanthabalan and Sashikanth met the press. To tell us about the kind of promotions they have planned for the film. Sashikanth went first. “To reach out to every film goer, we are planning to have a road-show of sorts where we go to two-tier cities like Coimbatore and Trichy to promote the film.”

He added that the team was trying to come up with more unique activities to attract the audience. “The youth of today is obsessed with technology,” said Vasanthabalan, “They get mad even if their Internet is a little slow. We want to sell Kaaviya Thalaivan to these kids. And, it’s bound to be challenging. We are brainstorming every day to come up with something new.”


Actor Siddharth – the main attraction of the event – walked in a little late. And, breathless. “We are rehearsing for the road-show, that’s why I got delayed,” he explained, adding that he has ‘set aside his other commitments to help the movie get the attention it deserves’. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime role, and the kind of film that Tamil cinema hasn’t seen in a long time. I would like to do everything I can do to make the film a huge success,” he said.

Siddharth will be accompanied by Vasanthabalan and Vedhika for the week-long road-show, which is scheduled to begin on the first week of November.

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