Kalkandu Audio Launch Report

Actress Dimple Chopade and Actor Gajesh (Or Grandson of Nagesh) in Kalkandu Movie Stills

Silverscreen goes to the Kalkandu audio launch. The movie marks the debut of Nagesh’s grandson – Anandbabu’s son –  Gajesh.


Kalkandu’s audio launch was chock full of fathers who had star sons in the ‘business’. Naturally, they decided to use their onstage time to  give some sage advice to Gajesh. T Rajendar told him to dance like his appa (Anand Babu) and act like his thatha,while P Vasu asked him to choose sensible movies and work really really hard. Gajesh though, doesn’t need all that advice, if the trailer is any indication of his talent. He’s an enthusiastic dancer and emotes fairly well too.

He’s also a natural onstage – with the kind of serious charm that slowly wins us over.  “I’ve fallen in love with the Tamil film industry after working on this film” he exclaimed once he got onstage. “They’ve treated me like family and their love warmed my heart. Padam mudinja aprom kooda ennai gavanichukittanga!”. He also equated his experience to that of a student writing exams. “I have written everything I know. It’s upto the teachers now to make me pass” he added with a slow grin.

Bhagyaraj was delighted to be at the launch event of his idol’s grandson. “Nagesh sir helped many a young star gain a foothold in the industry. I’m very proud that they asked me to be here today. I feel incredibly blessed!”. Also present was popular comedian Senthil who appeared with his trademark cap and black shirt, looking like he wanted to give Thambi Ramaiah a run for his money. Speaking to us he said, “I’m here to give this film some publicity. If people are going to go watch this in the theatres because I’m here, then good. It’s all in the memory of Nagesh sir who was a pioneer for all us comedians!”

Heroine Dimple Chopade made sure she thanked everybody on the team for their incredible support and even voiced her admiration for her co-star. “Gajesh! You’ve done an incredible job in the film and I’m not really surprised ’cause I know it’s in your blood!”


The soundtrack was launched by all of the guests present to the accompaniment of roars and wolf whistles from Gajesh’s friends. “Ennoda friends dhaan..konjam over enthu! I don’t know if they’re making fun of me or really appreciating me” he told us and rushed off to restrain his friends.

As we walked away, we were lucky enough to hear T Rajendar’s final piece of advice for Gajesh.”I expect a lot from STR even though he is my son. I expect three times that from you..You are also like my son!” he said and walked away. Left alone, we pondered the meaning behind that particular statement for a while.

Gajesh though, had more important things on his mind. “Do you know if the food is any good here?” he asked one of his friends and proceeded to herd them out of the venue. In case you’re wondering, the food there was definitely very good. Unlimited dosas for a very limited amount of money.