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Mael Audio Launch

(With additional reporting from Vandhana)


The soundtrack of Mael directed by Arul and starring Pushkin Rajkumar, Appukutty, Rajan and Neha was launched in Chennai on Wednesday.  In a refreshing departure from the norm, the  filmakers took time at the event to honour the technical crew behind the film’s music, including the singers, instrumentalists and sound engineers.

The vocalists, instrumentalists, sound technicians and engineers released the audio of the film that was received by the film’s director, producer and other special invitees including producer JSK Sathish Kumar and director SS Stanley.

The music director Udhayan praised the singers and added that the debutant singer Anushree, who hails from Kerala and does not understand Tamil, has sung beautifully with impeccable pronunciation. Praising the sound engineers and technicians, he said, ““I have never heard my music sounding as real at any theatre as it does here. The credits entirely go to my sound engineers and technicians. It sounded as if I was sitting in my recording studio and listening to the songs.”

Udhayan has drawn inspiration from the eighties for his soundtrack and the whole album feels slightly dated. But, the songs are pleasant on the ears and steer clear of jarring beats. Udhayan found the most freedom and creativity working with the Mael team. “All of them have some level of music knowledge and gave me constant feedback.  They also knew when to leave me free, so I could work in peace”

The film is set in the backdrop of a village and praises the friendship between three men. The songs had a rustic feel to them and the lyrics have been penned by the director Arul himself. Speaking at the event Arul – who also compered – said “Friendship takes precedence over love and other emotions in the plot. Also, the cast did not use any makeup in the movie.”  He also added  “I can say with confidence and pride that this is probably the only movie these days without a drinking scene or a glamour scene. All my actresses have been portrayed with dignity, not vulgarity. Likewise, I stayed away from the drinking scenes that so many of these so called friendship movies have! Friendsna kudikka mattum thaan seivaangala!”


This is the first movie for Producer D Sudhakar, from Delta Creations.  When the script was first narrated to him by Arul, he said didn’t understand a word of it. ” It took me three meetings with Arul sir to get an idea of the movie and then I immediately agreed. The man has a lot of ideas and this movie, is perhaps his best idea ever.”

Cinematography for the film is by TM Moovendhar and the art director is Arokyaraj. The event was attended by the film’s lead cast Pushkin Rajkumar, Appukutty, Rajan and Neha. Mael will likely release on May 2014.