Mei Marenthen Audio Launch Report

Silverscreen goes to the Mei Marenthen Audio Launch


The audio launch event of Mei Marenthen had attractive ladies in abundance. There was the Kerala-born Sanyathara, who is the love interest of actor Sanjai in the movie. There was actress Neha, who bore a striking resemblance to Punnagai Ilavarasi Sneha. And, to cap it all, there was also a special appearance by a popular actress (item number alert). But amidst all this glamour and beauty, actor Sanjai was the odd one out. With his slight limp (he sustained a leg injury recently) and unusual looks, he looked like a pirate…albeit a samathu one. He said his ‘thank yous’ and ‘please’ like a good gentleman and seemed extraordinarily pleased when someone complimented him. “This is not a run of the mill love story,” he assured us. “Of course, it is in essence, a romance; but it has none of the problems that a typical love story has. The villain of this piece is quite unusual.”

Stunt master Jaguar Thangam, who went up on stage next, seemed to have forgotten his lines; quite in line with the title of the movie. He went on a crusade against piracy in the Tamil film industry. About “evil people” and how they spoil his pozhappu. “Dear media friends and audience, if you find a shop selling pirated CDs or DVDs, break it down!” he exclaimed vehemently. But for theatre owner Abirami Ramanathan, who chimed in with his wise “see if you make a cinema man sell elaneer somewhere, he won’t be able to do it” – things would have gotten out of hand. “The only thing we know is cinema,” Ramanathan then cleared the air, “Mei Marenthen has quality music and all the makings of a clean entertainer. Please go watch it in theatres.” It doesn’t have to be mine, he added ever so courteously.

Thenisai Thendral Deva then steered the conversation back to the movie’s audio, heartily applauding the music director’s efforts. “I really like the clarity of the lyrics in the songs. Kawin has paid attention to the ucharippu of the words and it shows through. I hope to attend the hundredth day celebrations of this movie!” he said. This is the second film of music director K R Kawin, son of poet and lyricist Piraisoodan. There is a song for every occasion and as is the trend, a Gaana Baala song features in the soundtrack too – rather predictably set in a Tasmac shop. Lyricists Pa Vijay, Annamalai, Meenakshi Sundaram have all penned songs for this movie. Singer Chinmayee has rendered Adhikaalai – undoubtedly the best number in the album – while Istanbul, in the voices of Mano and Anuradha Sriram is a crowd pleaser. Lavani, with Tipu and Srilekha Parthasarathy on the other hand, is the token kuthu song.

Sivasakthi Pandian, former head of the Producers’ Council seemed quite enamoured by Istanbul. “This is going to be played in all discotheques,” he claimed confidently, “I like Sanyathara’s dance in the movie. She is going to go places!” It was then that stunt master Jaguar Thangam seemed to come to himself, “Sanyathara shakes her hips exactly like actress Simran,” he declared, “I’m sure she’s going to take her place someday.”


As for actor Sanjai, he was not completely overlooked in favour of his beautiful co-stars. Several guests and dignitaries remarked on his resemblance to the young actor Vikram. To Abirami Ramanathan, Sanjai looked like ‘Vikram from the movie Meera‘ while he reminded Jaguar Thangam of the smart Vikram from Kanthasamy. Sanjai, for his part, gamely laughed it all away and quipped, “I’m just happy they didn’t tell me I look like Vikram from Kaasi or Pithamagan!” He wanted to look like the Vikram in Ai, though, he added quite seriously. “He looks so strong in Ai. I am working towards achieving that physique and will do so one day!”

Mei Marenthen is produced by CGM Pictures, and directed by debutant V Muthukumar. Neither the producer nor the director chose to speak at the time of the audio release. They wanted to “let their movie do the talking for them”, they chorused.