Mooch Press Meet Report: Hold Your Breath

Silverscreen goes to the Mooch Press meet

It is probably not a good idea to write about a thriller in the wee hours of the morning. Especially a supernatural thriller that we were clearly unprepared for. A press meet for a new film called Mooch was held yesterday at a modest studio in Kodambakkam. The lights dimmed, and the filmmakers started playing us some scenes from the movie, starting with an eerie biblical assurance, “naan unnai vittu vilaguvathum illai, unnai kai viduvathum illai.” The trailer was a mélange of terror, romance and amma sentiment, combined with some neat sound effects, and we secretly started waiting for the lights to come back on. Thankfully, the director of Mooch came to our rescue to introduce his brainchild to us.

Director Vinu Bharathi, former associate of Bharathiraja, has made Mooch based on many tales that he had heard as a child. Although the teaser took us for a roller-coaster ride, Vinu Bharathi assured that the film portrays spirits in good light. Are we going to see another Anandhapurathu Veedu? “Mooch is about the conflict that arises between a mother who loves her children and a spirit,” said Vinu Bharathi. As we tried to pry more, the director steered our attention to a gentleman who looked exactly like director Bharathiraja. He turned out to be Jayaraj, Bharathiraja’s brother. “Jayaraj plays a pivotal role in the film. We all have been friends for years and I’m so glad that we could work together,” said Vinu Bharathi.

The striking resemblance made it hard for us to take our eyes off Jayaraj, and we were still staring when Misha Goshal, the female lead of Mooch walked in. We remember seeing her in Raja Rani and Vadacurry. But she humbly extended the list. “I acted in 7aum Arivu, Naan Mahaan Alla, 180 and I’m also the lead in Yaazh,” said Misha and quickly added that she would continue to do supporting roles too. “As long as I get to showcase my talent, I’m game for any kind of role,” she said.

Actor Nithin plays the lead and Abhi, Dhiya, Suhasini, Velur Girija, Yashodha and Uma form the supporting cast. Mooch was shot in Coonoor, Kandhikuppam and Chennai. Venkatesh wields the camera and Nithyan Karthik composes music. The film is produced by Great B Productions.