Moone Moonu Varthai Audio Launch Report: Three Little Words

At the audio launch of Moone Moonu Varthai, we were spared the verbose speeches and adjective-filled rants that have lately become a part of Tamil cinema events.


Because, in keeping with the film’s title, everyone did their best to limit themselves to three little words about their experience, and other such relevant things.

Snapshots from the event here:

1. This is the second audio launch event for the MMV team. They had a single track launch at a mall ten days ago, with a live performance by SPB.

2. There were two live performances in this one – the ‘heroes’ of the movie – Arjun Chidambaram, Venkatesh and Rakki – headlined a flash mob, which was then followed by an energetic rendition of the Ketta News song by MMV’s music composer Karthikeya Murthy.

3. The day being Kaanum Pongal and all, the event drew huge crowds, replete with crying babies, babies carrying balloons, babies running around…and well, all kinds of babies.

4. Hero Arjun Chidambaram did his dancing bit in a bright orange T-shirt, and later changed into a shiny black shirt for his onstage duties. Because, it’s a special day (Arjun makes his acting debut with MMV) for him.

5. Karthikeya Murthy’s astonishing resemblance to AR Rahman was made much of. By yours truly, and the old man sitting next to us. Also, actor Ajay Raj. We tweeted about it because the world needed to know.

6. MMV is Madhumita’s third film. It also has ‘three’ in the title. The director waved it away as ‘mere coincidence’. We think it is divine providence.


7. The event was also pun central. Everybody had three words about the movie. “Idhu Enga Company” was Ajay Raj’s attempt; “Idhu Vettri Padam” was another suggestion. But the man who made it – MS Bhaskar – walked away with the most applause.

8. A lot of newcomers make their debut with this project. Arjun Chidambaram plays the lead in the Tamil version while Rakki plays the hero in the Telugu one. This is music composer Karthikeya Murthy’s first movie album as well.

9. Audio launch regular – lyricist Madhan Karky – was also present. Madhan has penned Saayore – which plays out as a conversation between a couple in love.

10. The Moone Moonu Varthai  is not ‘I Love You’.