Mundasupatti Press Meet Report

Silverscreen reports from the Mundasupatti press meet

At Mundasupatti, expect a lot of turban-clad men, said director Ramkumar at the press meet held yesterday. That’s the unique feature of the village, he added. People there are always seen in a mudasu. A turban. “Of course, the place is hypothetical,” he laughed. Set in the ’80s, Mundasupatti is a movie based on superstitions surrounding photography. Three generations ago, people believed that photographing a living person would shorten their lifespan. “So, the plot revolves around a photographer – Vishnu Vishal – who goes to the village with his assistant to take pictures of corpses,” narrated the director – “and what happens when they shoot photographs of living people – the trouble they get into – and how they manage to come out of it forms the crux of the film.”


It’s a complete entertainer, reassured producer CV Kumar, who went up to speak next – “the whole fillmmaking experience was enjoyable.” Title to bloopers, he emphasized. Kaali Venkat, who plays the assistant explained that he “put in a lot of effort because it was so much fun.” “I have the entire script on my fingertips now,” he added, holding them up.

The movie features Vishnu Vishal and Nandita in the lead while Anandhraj and Kaali Venkat play key roles. P V Shankar handles the camera and art direction is courtesy Gopi Anand. Sean Roldan has scored music.

Mundasupatti is slated to release on June 13.