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Name Game: The Kakki Sattai Press Meet Report

RedditWhatsapp Copyrighted PhotosDhanush-kum enakkum endha prechanaiyum illa!” began Sivakarthikeyan, at the press meet of Kakki Sattai. As Anirudh and producer Madan listened keenly, Sivakarthikeyan continued, “I am not sure why he hasn’t come for the press meet today. But I must tell you he is a great producer. He didn’t fix a budget within which we had to make Kakki Sattai. We were given complete freedom.”

The press meet of Kakki Sattai began like every other event. The celebrities shared their experience of being a part of the film. But the event took a sharp turn when a reporter demanded clarification from Sivakarthikeyan for ignoring a senior journalist’s phone calls.

The scribe said, “A journalist wanted to invite you for a wedding. His calls were ignored, and your manager had told him that you don’t have time. Why did you avoid the reporter, Siva? And, why are you not approachable?”

The actor remained impassive. He then took a brave stab at the question. “Sir, I don’t have a manager. So, I answer calls myself. I am sure I didn’t ignore anybody.” As the reporter tried to press further, Madan signalled the PR team to conclude the meet.

But despite the PR team’s effort to call it a day, another reporter posed a question to director Durai Senthilkumar. The journalist wanted to know if the producers paid Rs 7 crores to Sathya Jyothi Films to acquire the title Kakki Sattai. “Why do you have to cling on to titles of old films? Won’t it be better to think of a new, creative title?” demanded the curious reporter.

Durai Senthikumar had a biting repose. He explained that the film was originally titled Taanaa, but the producers wanted a title that would connect with the audience effortlessly. “Naangalum pudhusa dhaan yosichom. But this is business at the end of the day, and we have to think of people who invest in it and their families. They have to get their money back,” he said without a beat. “And, I am sure the producers didn’t pay Rs 7 crores to procure the rights.”

Between the welcome speech and the few uncomfortable questions, the Kakki Sattai team nevertheless ensured that they provided a lot of information about the film:

Manobala was seized with a sudden doubt. He wondered if Anirudh was old enough to sign movie contracts.

The team began working on the day when Ethir Neechal released.

A quick confession.

Nice trivia, this.

This is not news anymore, really.

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