Om Shanthi Om Audio Launch


At the audio launch of actor Srikanth’s Om Shanthi Om, all the guests made two observations.


a) The songs that were filmed in Cambodia were stunning.

b) Srikanth looked extra-handsome in the trailer and in all three songs that were screened.

While cinematographer Bhaskaran was credited for the visuals, Srikanth’s wife Vandana was lauded for his striking looks and fashionable clothes. As celebrities heaped praises on Srikanth, he smiled and tried hard not to blush.

Srikanth was given a break from the adulation only when producer Arumai Chandran recounted all the bitter experiences he faced while producing Om Shanthi Om. “Although there were a lot of experienced producers in the industry, nobody guides a newcomer like me. And those who offer help can’t be trusted too. I was cheated multiple times. Despite all the challenges, I am determined to establish myself here,” he declared, as directors RK Selvamani, Vikraman, SJ Surya, and producers Madan and SR Prabhu nodded vehemently.

When the other directors and producers wielded the mic, they counselled Arumai Chandran to exercise caution. “Kettavana kadavul azhipaan. Nallavana kooda irukkaravan azhipaan. So we have to be careful,” SJ Surya offered sagely. RK Selvamani, who went on to declare that the miscreants’ membership would be cancelled, was also quick to realise the nature of the event. Clearing his throat, he added, “I heard a lot of good things about Om Shanthi Om. I am sure it’s going to do well.”


Actor Bharath attended the event to support his best friend Srikanth. And because VJ Ramya politely asked the “dignitaries to speak only a few words,” Bharath said, “I’m very happy for Srikanth. I’ve known him since his Roja Kootam days. I used to teach him dance. He is talented. I’m happy about the way Om Shanthi Om has shaped up.” Actress Neelam Upadhyaya, who plays the lead, delivered her “short and sweet” speech in less than a minute. It was, as expected, a note of thanks.

Srikanth, when it was his turn to go on-stage, turned a little philosophical. “When there is no pain, there is no gain. I am now a producer too. I know how difficult it is to make a film. But as the adage goes, keep dreaming until your dreams come true.”

And in due course, the audio of Om Shanthi Om was launched.

In other news:

• This boy was photographers’ favourite. A few girls lined up to pinch his chubby cheeks. Master Siddharth plays an important role in Om Shanthi Om, we later learnt.

• Neelam Upadhyaya was mobbed after the event. The actress was surrounded by the enthusiastic audience who had arrived to watch Kaththi.

More pictures from the audio launch here.