The Pisaasu Teaser Launch Report

Pisaasu‘s teaser was launched at a brightly lit hall of a private hotel in the city. While we were shielding our eyes, director Mysskin walked in quite prepared; sporting wraparound glasses and leaving a trail of perfume in his wake. A little later, Bala walked in, as the speakers blared Om Shivoham from Naan Kadavul. “Yappa cooling glass inga vaa pa…” he called out, and Mysskin joined him on the dais.


An elaborate dinner was being laid outside and the aroma wafted in soon. Sniffing appreciatively, Mysskin instructed the publicist, “Let’s finish this soon.”

Naga and Prayaga Martin make their debut with this film, and both were introduced to the media. Not keen on giving away any detail about the film, the upcoming actors chose to take the safe route and thanked everybody instead. The onus was on Mysskin soon, and he rose to the occasion. He spoke with passion and a certain earnestness that endeared him to all of us. Thanking Bala was at the top of his list, he declared. “Bala helped me out at a time when I was in a pit of despair. I was feeling defeated as Onaayum Aatukuttiyum had failed to do well. When everybody signed me off as a disaster waiting to happen, Bala gave me a helping hand and agreed to produce my next work without a thought about the profits it would make. He will always be a God to me.”

Actress Prayaga was also in for some praise. “She did exactly what I told her to and sometimes, went the extra mile. She satisfied me. We had to tie her to some ropes to execute certain flying scenes and she got hurt so many times. Every time it happened, her parents would begin crying. I hated the pain I was causing them, but this brave girl soldiered ahead. I am sad that I couldn’t show more of her real beauty onscreen. For all the pain and hurt I have caused her, I would like to dedicate this film to Prayaga,” said Mysskin, while the actress ducked to hide her smile of delight.

Arol Kuroli (aka Arul), who composes music for this film, had surprised Mysskin with his ‘outstanding talent’. “Again, I made a thousand changes to his suggestions and had asked him to re-work certain portions over and over again, but he came up with a brilliant soundtrack. He was born with this kind of talent, and I take much pride in introducing him to you through this very special film.”


When it was time for Bala to speak, we almost expected the organisers to blare out Om Shivoham again. Thankfully, they didn’t.


Mysskin, Bala revealed, had impressed him with his narrating skills, and that is why he decided to produce the film. “Mysskin is the type of person who will get you to do what he wants in under ten minutes. This is why you should never be alone with him. Unfortunately, I learnt this lesson a little late,” he joked.

Pisaasu is not being made with profits in mind, added Bala. “It is a genuinely good product,” he said, “Profit or loss, it doesn’t matter to me. I plan on producing three quality films every year. I missed that goal this year…but will make up for it in 2015.” He was also quick to declare that he wasn’t to be blamed for the film’s title. “Mysskin is a pisaasu and I am a pisaasu. When both of us make a film, this is what it will be called.”

And then, finally, Mysskin got what he wanted. He walked outside, eager to tuck into dinner, while Bala was left taking pictures with several young men.