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The Murugaatrupadai Audio Launch : Slow Clap


Murugaatrupadai Audio Launch Event Photos[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he weather’s been rough all day. The political climate is rougher, anxieties running high.  So we walk in an hour and a half late to the audio launch of Murugaatrupadai.

And the stage is near empty. This is a cinema event after all.


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]part from the audio-launch regulars – Keyaar and T Siva – there were no special guests to launch the audio. The Murugaatrupadai team helped themselves by asking the most senior actor present, VS Raghavan, to unveil the audio. He wasn’t too happy to be called old. “They say I’m 90. I’m not that old. I’m as young as these guys.”

Usually, at a film event featuring popular stars, fans at the gallery would go berserk; and never cease applauding and chanting their idol’s names. And much to our surprise, the Murugaatrupadai hero received similar reception. We didn’t have to wear a fedora and coat to figure out that the hero, debutant Saravanan, is a college student, and the young actor had brought in his friends to the event.


After all, Murugaatrupadai is produced by his father. So, Saravanan gets a grand opening shot, a song filmed in Andaman, and also beats up the baddies. Replete with a punch-line here and a preachy dialogue there.

The young hero was clearly overwhelmed and even prostrated at this father’s feet. The duo then shed happy tears. And his friends at the gallery continued clapping and whistling. The event was more like a college fest.


Actress Navika at Murugaatrupadai Press Meet[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s for the heroine of Murugaatrupadai, Navika, who played Sri Devi’s daughter in English Vinglish, the event was like watching a movie in a language that she doesn’t know.

Without subtitles.

When it was Keyaar’s turn to speak, our thought on the event seeming like a college fest, was validated. When Saravanan’s friends went a bit overboard with their enthusiasm, Keyaar assumed the role of a professor. Quite a strict one at that. “Murugaatrupadai padam…” began Keyaar to loud applause.

“Director Muruganandham oru nalla…”


“Music nalla vanthurukku…”

Applause again.

A chagrined Keyaar addressed the students at the gallery, “I know why you guys are clapping. Be patient. I want to speak. Porumai illana urupada mudiyaadhu.”

A louder round of applause this time.

The speech ended there.

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