Thanneer Movie Launch

Silverscreen goes to the Thanneer Movie Launch


We do love us some Hollywood films. So when we got an invite for the Thanneer movie launch, which has “Hollywood Actor” Gulshan Grover in the lead…well, suffice to say, we made sure we were there an hour early. Everybody’s ‘beloved Bollywood baddie’ (according to the host) was a little late for the event, but the man whose novel the film is based on, more than made up for his absence.

Eighty three year old Ashokamithran was at the venue bright and early, posing a little reluctantly for the photographers. The writer has in the past been very critical of Tamil Cinema and expressed his surprise that someone would want to make a movie out of his novels. “I write my novels in such a way that when you read it, you feel like you’re watching a film. Translating them accurately for the movie medium is going to be an arduous task, I think. But, from what I can see, Vasanth is more than up to the task.”

When a Ponnadai was presented him, Ashokamithran quipped that it was something he ‘desperately needed now’.”It’s very cold this early in the morning. I think I will keep this on for the entirety of my time here.” he joked. “I am stunned by the enormity of this event and have greatly enjoyed it. I can feel a lot of positive vibes about the project and am hopeful that the team comes out with a good project.”

Gulshan Grover made quite an entrance a little later, in a spiffy suit and shades. He shared with us the story of his entry into moviedom. “My parents thought I’d become a hero. But I’ve always liked doing things my own way..So I became a baddie instead.” His decision to get onboard Thanneer was an easy one, as he’s always admired director Vasanth. “I have been watching Vasanth Sir’s movies for a long time. Though my role in the novel is a short one, he has expanded it a bit for the movie. I’m extremely honoured to work with him!”


Sudha Ragunathan, noted Carnatic singer, makes her music composing debut with Thanneer. On her being chosen for the film, she said, “I talk less. Laugh a lot and sing even more. I think that’s why Vasanth chose me for this project.” She was confident that she’d do justice to the movie as she has kept track of film music’s evolution over the years.

Bharathiraja too waxed eloquent about Vasanth’s filmmaking prowess. He called the Aasai director a man of ‘excellent taste’. “Vasanth is a classy storyteller. His songs will have an elegance to them that I haven’t seen in other director’s works. Just as his mentor K Balachander made Thanneer Thanneer, Vasanth is also making this film about the water crisis. He is a true Shishya and will only garner accolades. My opinion is that we haven’t seen the best that Vasanth is capable of yet!”