Yaamirukka Bayamey Success Meet

Yaamirukka Bayamey Success Meet Report

Comedian Mayilsamy is a brilliant cook. We learnt as much at the success meet of Yaamirukka Bayamey, that took place yesterday. Surviving on Maggi noodles and stone-cold rotis in remote Nainital, the crew heaved a sigh of relief when Mayilsamy arrived on the scene one day…and changed everything. “Mayilsamy sir joined us a month into the shooting,” chorused director Deekay and actor Kreshna in their special thank-you speech to the comedian, “and he cooked every meal for us! Hot and fresh!”


Mayilsamy, for his part, graciously acknowledged them with a smile, went onto the stage; and began recounting his experiences during the shoot. “I don’t understand Hindi. I wouldn’t know what I’m saying if I speak in Hindi,” he began to general laughter and applause, “and the situation is worse in English. That is why I avoid going to outdoor shoots. However, Deekay persuaded me and I went to Nainital. While driving through the hills, the driver pointed out an obscure house perched atop a hill and told me that’s where I had to shoot!” But that wasn’t all, the comedian said. He soon discovered that his troubles were far from over. When Mayilsamy reached the sets, he was greeted with some sombre news. The spot boys told him that the location was a favourite haunt of the leopards. “I got excited and asked them where I could see leopards. They said, ‘right where you are standing. We are not allowed to step out after sundown’.” And then, it so happened that from that moment on, Mayilsamy asked them to turn the spotlight on him whenever he had to relieve himself after dark. To ward off leopards, he added.

It was then actress Sona Heiden’s (who has a brief role in the movie) turn to say thanks. So, she first thanked her “boyfriend” executive producer Manikandan. When the audience looked politely puzzled (but dead curious) at this, producer Elred Kumar cleared the air. It was a standing joke, he said. And when the audience looked genuinely puzzled this time, he explained, “Manikandan is getting married shortly.” So the actress was “just pulling his leg”.


Jokes apart, it was refreshing to see the crew being quite friendly and sociable. With the audience; and with each other. “We did not feel the pressure as the team was so comfortable working with each other. Every day, we would wake up to fresh humour. We had no time for promotions and yet, the film is so successful. It is all thanks to the comfortable rapport between the cast and crew,” Elred Kumar concluded.

Also present at the meet were actors Rupa Manjari, Karunakaran, Anaswara Kumar, Aadhav Kannadasan, and music director SN Prasad.