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11 Songs For Mount Everest

Mount Everest is not the cleanest place right now. Sure, the snow is still white-ish, but decades of messy explorers and their entourages have left the scenic locales…in a colourful mess. If you’re like us and bemoan the fate of this majestic mountain, here’re eleven songs that just might make you feel better.


Maybe not.

But it’s still a good reason to revisit some of these lovely numbers, and also remind ourselves that the rest do exist.

1. Think Snowcapped Mountains and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Roja. But it’s not Pudhu Vellai Mazhai at the Everest anymore, ‘cause you know…explorers.

2. Only in Arjun films can mountain air speak Tamil. Well, if the air around Everest is still speaking Tamil, we’re going to send Arjun over there to clean that place up. Because if anyone can do it, Arjun can.

3. In this one, a slightly less macho Arjun wants to know why the flowers are silent. They’re silent because pollution killed their parents and friends; and they don’t have anybody to speak to now.

4. The mountain temple’s lights are burning bright…because snow-capped mountains full of crap is just not romantic anymore.

5. If the air around Everest does sing…it definitely won’t be this soothing number from Paadu Nilaave. But listen anyway.

6. If this song were written now, it would include plastic bottles, paper cups and a whole lot of personal mess along with pulvelis and panithulis.

7. Apart from a dashing Rajinikanth and a sprightly Aishwarya Rai, this song also had deep meaning for those who cared to look. Or not.

8. For the God-fearing lads out there, here is a golden oldie about gentle breezes from the Podhigai mountains. We definitely do not want to think about the breeze stirring from the Everest right now.

9. For the less pious ones, there’s always this popular towel song from a hostel.

10. Can a list even be respected without a song from Ramarajan’s repertoire of films? We don’t think so, and so here you go:

11. Add a cleaner Everest to that list of demands please.