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5 Ridiculous Songs To Celebrate Doctor’s Day

If you are visiting your doctor today, do remember to wish him/her a very happy Doctors day. On your way to the doctor’s you can probably listen to these Kollywood ‘Doctor’ songs.  Just don’t let your doctor hear them.


1) Alwarpettai Andava – Vasool Raja MBBS

The obvious song that comes to our mind when we think about on-screen doctors.  Rajaram may not have been a great doctor, but he was certainly good at song-dance, evident in this number. While this song does give some deep and insightful advice on love, what amazes us more is how good these doctors, nurses and compounders are at dancing!

2) Hello Doctor – Kadhal Desam

Who wouldn’t want to visit a hospital filled with neon lights, patients just hanging in the air, Doctors dancing dressed around in what seems to look like Raincoats? But this hospital is exclusive for patients suffering from the Love-Bug.

Not to forget, operations are done here using a chainsaw.

3) Oh Party Nalla Party Dhan – Idhayam

We bet you thought Idhayam is all about Murali, his one-side love and being ‘Friendzoned’ for life. We present to you this song, which is more like a guideline for stalking women. As Heera, the medical college student traverses almost the whole stretch of ECR to reach her college, Raju Sundaram and his mates pester her all along, and Murali does nothing but watch.

No wonder he was friendzoned.

4) Naatu Vaithiyar – Karpuk Arasi

Because we HAVE to include one Black and White song, you know, for the octogenerians. Here Gemini Ganesan can be seen selling ‘Naatu Marundhu’ to the public. He has a natural cure for all your problems. But we’d suggest that you stay away from the ‘Kaatu Kuyil’ soup they sing about.

5) Yamma Yamma Lady Doctor – Thaalattu Kekudhamma

Well, a doctor like Silk Smitha will definitely put other doctors in the area out of business. We mean, she is that good at treatment. The patient, Prabhu is dancing in the rain by the end of the song. Cured.