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6 Times When Cheran Got Emotional At C2H Launch


at Inauguration of Director Cheran's C2H - Cinema 2 HomeFilmmaker Cheran is sensitive. A small heartwarming gesture is enough to make the man weep. When he becomes emotional, he is oblivious to his surrounding, and takes time to gather himself. But at the event that was held at Nehru Indoor Stadium, where his film JK Enum Nanbanin Vaazhkai was released through his new medium C2H (Cinema to Home), Cheran had a lot of reasons to be happy about. And, he expressed his joy by crying again.

Six such moments:

1. Cheran travelled down south to interact with C2H dealers, who would market and deliver films at doorsteps. At one such conference, he met a 65-year-old woman, who was a dealer herself. “If an old lady like her can work hard, I realised, I should work harder,” he said at the event. “She looked like my amaachi (grandmother). Quite casually, I enquired her name, and she said Deivaanai. I was astonished.” That’s his grandmother’s name too. “What a coincidence!” he exclaimed and honoured Deivaanai on stage. He was choking back tears.

at Inauguration of Director Cheran's C2H - Cinema 2 Home2. C2H has got over 4,000 members who have been working since 2013 to establish their company. Appreciating their effort, Cheran said, “I might have Rs 2 crores at stake to set up C2H. But my dealers and distributors who joined me, pledged their properties. So many of them who are middle-class, spent Rs 2 lakhs each. It’s a massive contribution.” As the stadium erupted around him, Cheran rummaged in his pocket for his handkerchief.

3. “Till 5 pm this evening, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull this off. I had to deal with some issues pertaining to my loans,” said Cheran. Director Perarasu explained the remaining. “So, we told Sarath Kumar sir that a couple of problems have to be sorted to carry on with the event,” he said. “Sarath Kumar sir made four phone calls, and the problem was solved.” Cheran thanked Sarath Kumar several times on stage, forcing Sarath Kumar to say, “It’s okay. Stop!” But, nothing could stop Cheran from thanking his friends profusely that evening. With tears.

4. Apparently, Cheran heard from his friends that the industry has a wrong notion about his decision to release JK Enum Nanbanin Vaazhkai on C2H. He was told that he had chosen to experiment because nobody wanted to buy his film. “If I wanted to try out a new method just because I couldn’t find a buyer for my film, I would have done so when my film Maaya Kannadi failed to do well. I founded C2H because I think it is the future of cinema,” he quipped.

at Inauguration of Director Cheran's C2H - Cinema 2 Home5. Actor Kitty does motivational training at C2H. He trains dealers and distributors on interpersonal skills, and customer service. While speaking at the event, Kitty said, “By being a part of Cheran’s initiative, I realised that he is a lonely traveller in this journey. And, he is incredibly determined and patient. If the industry wants to help in any way, they should give him company in his effort. Avar thanimaiya koraikkanum.” The best friends then threw their hands around each other.

6. A well-made video of the inception and growth of Cheran’s initiative, C2H was played at the event. KS Ravikumar, who was immensely moved after seeing the toil, said, “I haven’t done anything to help Cheran. He pulled this off all by himself. He says I am his guru, and falls at my feet. But now, I am ashamed of myself for not thinking of offering him assistance, and for that, I want to prostrate at his feet,” he declared, and quickly went back to his seat. KS Ravikumar was in tears, too. Cheran, who couldn’t handle the moment, held KS Ravikumar’s hand and said, “Sir, whatever I am today is only because you chose to give me a chance to assist you, when you were making Puriyadha Puthir.” The guru and sishya then hugged each other again, and posed brightly for the camera.

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