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9 Unforgettable ‘Train’ Scenes to Ring in the Railway Budget


As the Railway Budget goes on floors today, we decided to make good of the excuse and compile a list of memorable songs and scenes shot on trains. Our filmmakers are deeply indebted to this long vehicle for it has been an integral part of several crucial moments: from providing the perfect backdrop for romance, to being a favored landscape for crazy stunt sequences.

Nine such instances:


In this 1991 Mani Ratnam film, Indian Railways played mother to none other than Superstar Rajinikanth. Srividya abandons her baby in a goods train, and as the train chugs away, leaving a forlorn mother in its wake, we hear strains of this beautiful, haunting melody.

The child, who grows up to be Rajinikanth, is later found by a slum-dweller.

Thiruda Thiruda

In this 1993 comedy-action thriller directed by Mani Ratnam, the robbery at the beginning of the film, which sets the premise, happens in a train. Also, the two thieves and the runaway bride climb on top of a train to escape from a bunch of goons and the police. They also meet Chandralekha (Anu Agarwal) who happens to be travelling in the same train. The film’s climax has mind blowing stunts performed on top of a train.

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya

In this 2010 romantic drama directed by Gautam Menon, Jessie and Karthik, played by Trisha and STR respectively, share their first moment of intimacy during a train journey to Chennai from Kerala, to the tunes of AR Rahman’s  Omana Penne .


In this romantic film directed by Mani Ratnam, suburban trains and railway stations figure as a major location. Madhavan’s love-struck Karthik waits at railway station every morning to catch a glimpse of Sakthi (Shalini). Most of their meetings happen at railway stations.

Moondram Pirai and Thevar Magan

The climax scenes of both these films take place in a railway station. In Moondram Pirai, Cheenu (Kamal Hassan) follows Viji (Sridevi) to the railway station where she boards the train, leaving Cheenu heartbroken. The climax scene is remembered for Kamal’s brilliant and poignant performance.

In Thevar Magan, Kamal’s Sakthivel, after murdering Maya Thevar, gives himself up to the police. In the climax scene, Kamal bids goodbye to the villagers and his family at a railway station and boards the train.

Enthiran and Lingaa

Indian Railways, many a time, has served as just another venue for Superstar Rajinikanth to display his incredible stunts. In Enthiran, the robot Chitti did some daredevil stunts on a moving train. The actor performed a similar stunt scene on a moving train in his latest release – Lingaa. 

SimilarlyAjith too, had performed some incredible stunts in his film, Veeram.

Chikubuku Raile, Gentleman

We have a whole song dedicated to trains, composed by AR Rahman. This song was shot at a railway station, with Prabhu Deva and Gautami dancing to the beats, and set to some really wild graphics.


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