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A Perfect Comeback: 36 Vayadhinile Success Meet Report

Banners and posters of 36 Vayadhinile adorned the large hall on T Nagar Road while songs from the film were being played one after another. It was quite the happy occasion, this success meet.  36 Vayadhinile, the movie which marked the comeback of actress Jyothika after six long years, has become a hit. We loved it, too.


A little before the event was set to begin, the star couple – Jyothika and Suriya – and the crew arrived to countless flashes. Every attendee had their eyes on Suriya and Jyothika, and the couple looked happy indeed. Exchanging smiles, showering praises on each other, and making honest confessions about their relationship, they conquered many a heart.


36 Vayadhinile is funded by Suriya’s 2D Entertainment. So the event had the actor playing a dual role – of a proud husband and a happy producer.

A beaming Suriya addressed the gathering, “We all were slightly apprehensive in the beginning. All thanks to director Rosshan Andrews and the team, 36 Vayadhinile, the maiden venture of 2D Entertainment, is a success.” Rosshan Andrews and the writers, Sanjay and Viji, were present at the event. They accepted the compliments with a smile and let Suriya do the talking.

Suriya then shot a very pertinent question – “Why hasn’t Tamil cinema had any women-centric movies in the past eight years? Other language movies are marching ahead of us that way.”

One could tell from Suriya’s expressions and words that he, like everyone else, was excited and glad to see Jyothika on screen after six long years.

“Jo would rehearse her dialogues at night, like a studious school student. Everyday after finishing her household chores, she would spend one hour practicing the lines,” he said. “She was so involved that if you ask her now, she will be able to mouth the dialogues from the movie.”

“Among the numerous congratulatory messages we received was this one – ‘Romba naalaiku aprom theatre la malli poo vaasanai nariya varudhu…’,” revealed Suriya. The theatre reports show that the majority of the audience comprised women.

That the film is being accepted and loved by women was further testified by music composer Santhosh Narayanan. “My wife loved the film. She said that she could relate to most of the scenes from the movie.”


Tribute to women

As a salute to womanhood, 2D Entertainments, in association with Agaram Foundation and Shakti Masala, has selected a group of 25 women through a contest to extend monetary support to help them realise their dreams.

Highlights from the Q & A session:


  • Suriya and Jyothika have been listening to a lot of scripts and they might do a film together. Apparently, they both like a script which might take 10 months to materialise.
  • It was Suriya who chose the title 36 Vayadhinile. Ma and Amma were other titles under consideration. After a lot of discussion, the team decided to use 36 Vayadhinile.
  • Jyothika acted in this movie without taking any payment. With the movie reaping in some profit, Suriya has begun paying her in installments.
  • Actor Sivakumar, after watching the movie, said that Jyothika is better at acting than Suriya. He also congratulated Studio Green KE Gnanavelraja for funding a quality film like 36 Vayadhinile.
  • Malayalam actress Manju Warrier, who was part of the original version, hasn’t watched the remake yet. She will meet Jyothika when she comes to Chennai next.
  • Suriya confessed that it took almost six years for him to understand Jyothika’s dreams and that he took her presence for granted.
    Jyothika said that she will act in films if a right script and character comes. She also added she would do films with other production houses as well.