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Actor Ajith, fondly called Thala by his adoring fans, turns 43 today. Despite a mixed bag of a career, the actor has a huge fan base which adores him no matter what. Variations of ‘Happy Birthday Thala Ajith’ have been trending on social media sites for over twenty four hours now and don’tt seem to show any signs of dying down still. Ardent Ajith supporter Mr Bakurdheen tells us that many of his fan club members have organised blood donation drives in the city and have even collected over Rs 30,000 to support an old age home.

And that’s not all.  Mr ‘Ajith’ Murugan, an IT employee, has plans to get a tattoo of the actor’s latest picture from the upcoming Ajith 55 movie. He said,” Ajith anna just looks so mass in that still! If i get this tattoo, i feel like he will always be with me! Anushka akka is also there in the picture but i will crop her out of my tattoo. Not that i don’t like her.” Before we can get over Actress Anushka being called Akka, he adds, ” Next year I will get a tattoo of Ajith anna and Shalini Ma’m! Just wait!”

But its not all charity and donations for the Ajith fans. Some intrepid ones have come together to re-release some movies of the star in select cities. The con movie Mankatha hits the screens yet again today in Tirunelveli, while the restored version of Amarkalam, also known as Ajith 25 is also coming out. Amarkalam is probably best known for kickstarting the romance between Ajith and his future wife Shalini. They have gone on to live a ‘happily ever after’ life, complete with the cute kid.

In earlier years, some canny filmmakers have capitalised on Ajith’s huge fan base and released ‘special treats’ – posters, teasers and trailers of upcoming films –  on his birthday. Last year, Director Vishnuvardhan released a short teaser for Ajith’s penultimate Arrambam movie and enjoyed great success and popularity.

Private television channels are also jumping onto this bandwagon now. Several popular channels are screening some of the actor’s more famous movies in a bid to attract TRP’s. “Ajith is big in Tamil Nadu now. If we show his movie, any Ajith movie, a lot of people tune in. Imagine the amount of people we can attract on his birthday!!” says Mr Senthil Amaran, who handles public relations for a city based TV channel. “May 1 is Labour Day. But, more importantly it’s Ajith’s birthday. He’s the personification of hard work and dedication. If we follow his principles, we can achieve greatness” , he added. He claims, “The day is not far off that May 1 will become Ajith day, instead of labour day.”

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