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AR Rahman: “Do You Think I Should Compose For Horror Movies?”

A photo of AR Rahman

AR Rahman was late to his Facebook Live session. The reason became obvious pretty soon.


“I’m not used to this. I’m better with Periscope,” Rahman said, as an assistant talked him through setting up Facebook Live.

AR Rahman fumbled with his web camera a little bit. With that ever-present smile, and a Harris Jayaraj-like cap (“I am not losing hair. No actually. I’m getting old man”), Rahman answered his fans’ questions over Facebook Live. The musician turns 50 today, and so there were a lot of birthday wishes.

Interspersed with his ‘Thank Yous’, Rahman did answer some interesting questions. As always, there were the usual queries. 

Would he ever compose for horror movies? Maybe…

Does he like Melbourne? He LOVES the city!

His favourite beverage? Chai.

Would he ever perform in London/Dubai/Malaysia/Sri Lanka?
To which, Rahman replied: “It will happen when it happens!”

Rahman also shared his excitement about LeMusk, a project he told us we’ll come to know about ‘soon’.

When a fan asked him about the technology vs talent debate, AR Rahman dodged it neatly and said: “I have found great original talent and also people with technology. They both co-exist. Now, people have their priorities right.”

Rahman also revealed his desire to make one more SuperHeavy album. “We keep speaking about it all the time. But, all of us are so busy.”


Rahman also thinks that making an independent album is a ‘great idea’. “It will happen when it happens.”

Finally, after a whole lot of Thank Yous, and a brief Piano bit that he used to close the live session, Rahman was off to ‘meet some friends’. 

You know, just like us normal people do, on our birthdays.

Except this normal man has a couple of Oscars.

And a legion of fans willing to type Happy Birthdays on his timeline for as long as it takes.